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Alnwick Expo

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28th September

Would your company like to be involved on the day?
Traders and business of all kinds are encouraged to register interest asap:
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Presentation by Weeklybiz member

The Weeklybiz was established in 2012 as a non profit organisation. Networking is FREE.

Without the member fees and a modicum of red tape, we encourage our regular attendees to prosper through association.

We believe that networking is not for everyone. It is though, right for every business. Results through networking come as you invest time. If you can’t offer time, then networking may not be for you.

What Our Members Say

Long term attendee

“I have been a member of the Weekly Biz Network for over 11 years during which I have had two very different businesses which have both benefited from this network. The main reason I’ve stayed is because it is a well run group. I’ve made some great contacts and friends. I like the informality of it and enjoy hearing everyone’s presentations. There is a fair rota of being offered an extended presentation and I love how everyone is very supportive.”

Sara Eke | Aromatherapist

The benefits are numerous!

“I receive referrals that help me earn. I meet existing friends and potential new ones. More importantly, I have overcome my fear of speaking in front of people – this to me is invaluable!”

Mark Butler | Mortgage Consultant

How has Weeklybiz helped my business?

My knowledge of how other businesses work is a great tool.
In emergencies, which we all have in business, direct contact with an expert is invaluable.
It’s a platform to share my passion which will allow others to pass on my passion too.

Stephen Lunn | Blacksmith

Shared experiences

“Working by myself, coming to the Weekly Biz gives me “colleagues”, people who also own their own business, albeit in different specialities. It supports me by giving me the opportunity to interact and share experiences with other business owners.”

Bridget | Wooler Wool Shop

Help others within business

“Weeklybiz has helped me to network, to speak in public, to form a little business and encouraged me to trust and to help others within business. It has also proved it is possible to enjoy friendships and networking even at 7.15 in the morning! In my life … for me … Weeklybiz has been helpful, purposeful and worthwhile. It has been like a shot in the arm.”

Polly Sutherland | Artist

Friendly and relaxed

“I’ve tried other business networking groups in the past, this is the only one I’ve stuck with. It friendly, relaxed and Charlie has been a great help in creating a group that is truly a pleasure to be part of.”

Craig Scott | Graphic Designer

WeeklyBiz Logo

Come for a visit, stay for the business

Charlie and Alistair at Weeklybiz meeting

Attending ‘Weeklybiz,’ making networking part of your strategy, you close the door to competitors. You become the sole representative of your trade or profession. The only cost to you, apart from your time, is the venue hire, at £10 per visit, which includes breakfast.
The networking is FREE.

If you are looking for qualified business, from colleagues wishing to help you grow… where partnerships and opinions have value, then please get in touch to see if we have a seat for you!

The midday meetings are once per month at Berwick-Upon-Tweed.
Twice each month we meet for breakfast in Wooler while there are
weekly breakfast dates on a Tuesday in Alnwick.

What can I expect on arrival?

The meeting is structured. We’ll ask you to sign in before introducing you to other attendees, all the while encouraging you to enlighten us about what you may be looking for.

If the idea of growing your business through recommendation, in a welcoming, friendly environment interests you?

Get in touch:

mobile: 07804 038570

email: weeklybiz@outlook.com

‘People buy from people’

Weekly Biz Meeting