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So what’s so good? How does networking ‘work for my business?’

Firstly we need to understand.  Networking isn’t for everyone although it’s great for every business.

How? The clue is in the name, when we gather a group of people who see it as a good thing to meet regularly, we use the term ‘net.’  Anyone who has invested time networking will tell you the value of having a diverse group of people … those who you know, around you can be extremely valuable. There are fewer ‘what-if situations,’ and solutions are never far away when we simply ‘work the net.’ Network.

Visiting the Weeklybiz you will find that we like to make you feel as comfortable as possible, after all, networking can be a challenging experience for anyone when stepping out of the ‘comfort zone,’ especially for the uninitiated. This is why we offer a structured agenda to our meeting, we share the time with everyone, ensuring there is every opportunity to come away feeling that your visit was worthwhile, even effective. We’ll encourage you to return … perhaps bringing a friend along with you next time.

We’ve been established since 2012 and meet as a not-for-profit organisation offering our regular attendees the opportunity to share with and learn from other like-minded people. Networking is FREE at Weeklybiz. There are no member fees and we ensure a minimum of admin/red tape. The only cost to each attendee, whether coming along as a guest or member is the venue hire, something that includes the breakfast of choice.

Like to attend regularly?  Whether you attend our Alnwick, Wooler or Berwick meetings, as long as you spend at least 50% of the available time with your referral partners then you effectively close the door to any of your competitors looking to visit our forum. The only cost for exclusive membership is your time.

We meet monthly on a Friday at Berwick Upon-Tweed, fortnightly Thursday at Wooler and Weeklybiz in Alnwick, Northumberland.

Not convinced? Business comes to those who seek it out, results from networking take time:

  • In exchange for occupying the seat as an expert in the room, we’ll ask for your time supporting us, in return we’re helping you.
  • Each meeting gives you the chance to enlighten the room as to what you’re looking for.
  • You will be required to offer more during the extended presentation – at least twice per year.
  • Have some wisdom to pass on?  We’d love to offer you even more time to share your experiences.